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Cynthia Gerriets is a Latina and a creator at Ten Times a Tiger. A toy design company that specializes in premium toys with an eclectic twist. As lead toymaker, Cynthia’s creations are hand made and can be characterized as quirky plus full of charisma. Her current series is designed by Arturo Santos and based off, “Land of Ten.”

Recently I sat down with Cynthia to discuss her Kickstarter, what follows is an odyssey into the realm of being a creative and what it means to pursue dreams. Oh and there’s toys. Lots of em.

13839860_1256127957732956_1851169959_oCan you give us some information about the Kickstarter you currently have in the works?

Cynthia: The Kickstarter that I’m working on right now is for my toy line Ten Times A Tiger. I’ve been doing this since last November and I’m ready to do this right.

I don’t draw so I have an artist that I’m working with, his name is Santino Arturo. He’s amazing! He’ll be working with me to do box art, bios, and some logos.

I also have a story line for my toys, A Land of Ten. It’s the world that they come from. It’s like, the Never Ending Story meets Game of Thrones but waaay cuter? haha! I seriously have toy/story ideas lined up for the next couple years. I just need the funding to get it started.

I’ll have some exclusive prints from a few artists that I’ll announce soon!

I’ll also have a new toy that I’ll be coming out with, It’s this alien star bunny.

I’m terrified of doing this! It’s so weird asking people for money…13874697_1256124997733252_1939570534_n

Hopefully you’ll all like me/my work as much to help me out here!

I think toys are amazing and a fantastic medium for story telling. I have so much I want to share!

How long have you been making toys? What was the amount of time you put into your due diligence in order to have enough confidence to show off your work?13866931_1256124991066586_208389647_n

Oh man, I started sculpting/plush design seriously about 6 years ago made some cool stuff got caught up in fashion design, stopped making toys because I was lame and got discouraged, then last August while recovering from a surgery, after sitting around for days and reevaluating my life lol I realized how much I’ve matured as an artist and I should just make toys like I’ve always wanted to.

Was there a singular or defining moment when you knew without a shadow of a doubt, that you wanted to create toys? If so, how and when did it happen?

I think it started when I was young. I remember something that one of my teachers said about how there’s a job for everything. And of course in my little nerd head I was like, TOYS?! But not till I was in high school and discovered designer toys…that’s when it all clicked.

What is your favorite medium to work in?

Clay! Super Sculpey!

Who are your influences when it comes to molding? McFarlane comes to mind for me. I think many of the 80’s babies that were interested in toys/action figures back then might cite him as a huge influence.

I’m all over th13883911_1256124987733253_472661142_ne place when it comes to that. I love Ashley Wood’s 3A toys, which are more complex pieces. Then I love Amanda Visell that does wooden very simple molds but she has such a unique style. Of course Frank Kozik for being consistent and brave AF. And so many more!

How do you determine what kind of toy mold you’d like to make? What is your process for determining it?
Like the actual mold after I finish the sculpt? It all depends on the size of the toy and how many pieces I want to do. It actually a very complicated process that requires a bunch of dumb math. Math that I never thought I’d need in real life that I learned in high school haha!

Are you limited in scope by the tools or lack of tools to make certain toys?

I have a bunch of sculpting tools. A lot I make myself lol you’d probably terrified at some of the weird hatchet/wire/stick Frankenstein tools I’ve made myself!

How long has it taken you to amass the proper equipment to become a one stop shop for toys?

It never ends. There’s always new stuff that I need and stuff that I’ve discovered. I hand roto cast, I need to get an actual machine though!

What are you currently reading?

I just picked up Pop Gun War and Tokyo Ghost!

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