Blind Expansion

its a science fiction one shot I recently completed for Saturday-Plus/Saturday-AM. The story’s premise is basically a chess match between a futuristic investigator and the alleged terrorist leader he is trying to catch. With this title I was working a little bit out of my comfort zone. I was trying out a new lettering software on IOS called Strip Designer. Turns out it works pretty well when you’re on the go as much as I am.



On illustration duties is Bert Arceo from the Philipines. Saturday-AM publisher Frederick Jones was kind of enough to pair this phenom of an artist with me. I believe he’s going to do very well in his future endeavors and will have a long and illustrious career in publishing.


I first learned of Bert’s mutant abilities in July of 2015 while co-hosting the results of the test flights for that month. Test flights are a way for amateur creators to test their mettle in the comic book publishing industry by putting together a work of fiction based on parameters set forth by Myfutprint publishing staff. These trials by fire are very difficult and exactly what one would expect when making the leap from amateur to professional.



Bert has an extremely critical eye for architecture and action. I’m quite sure he created these 3d models meticulously and only after eyeballing references too. I think his strongest point is that he’s very easy going and has a very pronounced work ethic. It definitely shows in the pacing of panels and pages.



This project will mark the first time I worked in a team larger than two people. Bert and I had some help in a newly founded editorial department for Myfutprint. Normally with Bully Eater and other miscellaneous projects I’ve worked on, its solely been me or my co-worker or even test readers Ive had to take a critical eye to my pieces. But this time I was joined by Teresa Del Pilar of Spain. Her background includes running numerous periodicals in her native country as well as being formally educated in Eng Lit. Im very proud to say that as a three man/woman cell? We completed Blind Expansion with no critical issues.

This is a big deal for people working together from long distances. For one, I’ve never met them physically. Two, communication is very important and could be misconstrued if not taken proper care.

Originally I did not intend for the story to come off so simplistic but writing and going with the flow sometimes has a habit of rendering what is inside your head, differently than what you originally anticipated. I’m extremely happy with the results and now have several new tools in my utility belt to use whenever the need arises.

You can find the 4 installment run of Blind Expansion in Saturday-AM

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