Bully Eater #7 & Heroes Con News


Yo! So Saturday-AM gave Bully Eater the front cover. That right there is Raymond Brown’s handy work. Basically a snapshot of Isao defending against an attacker.

Btw! Chapter 7 is currently out and you should seriously pick up a copy of literally the coolest comic book anthology this side of the universe.

In other news the creative team behind Bully Eater will be attending Heroes con in Charlotte N.C. Come check us out. We’ll have copies of Bully Eater Vol 1 for sale. Plus Raymond Brown will have some ultra rare exclusive prints. I gotta say too, they’re actually pretty damn cool looking. Seriously though? if you’re in the area just come out and show us some love! We would sincerely appreciate it. We’ll be at booth AA-429. Save it.




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