Bully Eater Vol 1 Near Completion

Recently just finished the writing for the first volume. Bully Eater will mark the biggest project I’ve ever been a part of to date. Subsequently it will also be the first time that I will see revenue for my creative talents.

So its a lot of firsts. So basically here’s what happened.

Roughly close to two years now I’ve been co-writing a bi-weekly action manga. It is styled like a western Shounen. But without any of the cheesy Japanese tropes.

Original creator of Bully Eater Raymond Brown from Saturday-AM was cool enough to come through and task me with the job of rebooting Bully Eater from the ground up.

so here we are almost two years later and 25 chapters deep, we are experiencing another reboot.

Evolution is the way to reach excellence. I think I understand.

It is hard to look back at your own content and not want to touch it well after the drafting process is over. I have to eventually put it down. Coincidentally I’m extremely critical of myself on camera period. So I guess writing and drafting is a lesser of two evils in that regard.

Right now Bully Eater Vol 1 has been approved for printing by createspace. I believe Saturday-AM as a whole has experienced some small setbacks due to the nature of being a bi-weekly anthology and having multiple creators involved in the process of setting parameters for margins etc etc.

The experience of watching others work on such projects as well as reflecting on my own trials has renewed my work ethic.

In this new year I’m hoping to have even more physical/digital books out at the market place.

In the mean time please feel free to comment and subscribe to my page.

Also! Like and subscribe to Saturday-AM too. There are a lot of talented creators who work there. It is literally one of the only places in the independent scene where Diversity amongst professional storytelling truly reigns. For 5 dollars a year you can see exactly what that entails. The latest issue is currently out right now. satam-buysub


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