Moods in Blue

Moods in blue
Things I’ve seen
An infinite me
Means there are more
I say there is more to you

No need for greens of envy
Destructive things
People paint unintentionally
Moods in blue seem melancholy
A vast rolling ocean
I create blissfully

No need for things in red

Anger, vast wrath
And things close to dead
These moods in blue
Spread like wildest fire
Yet do not burn
Those close to one another

No need for cowardly yellows

Standing for nothing

Straw man falling for everything
The moodiest blues are kings
To queens in all manner of things
Grand luminaries in being

Navy blues and ceruleans too
Light blues mark my interest in skies
My love for the beyond and to what is
Truly blue to you
Electricity blues
A flick of my sword
Into the deep blue
I conduct myself
Grand place holder
Beyond the greatest blue
By all means sirs and maams
What’s moody blue to you

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