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Hello all,

Some exciting things happening with the site as I update the editorials with some of my newest work from Anime Arsenal.

In addition to that be on the look out for the next installment of Ousia. I’ll be heading a big initiative to get more content out for my dystopian Science Fiction opus.

Mouse, and I have hit a slight delay with Goon Comittee, but rest assured that an update will come very soon.

In other news, a trip to Heroes Convention here in Charlotte has yielded some pretty cool developments. For one, I was able to network with a North Carolina based publisher called “Myfutprint.” After a slew of meetings and the fabled feeling out process they determined to hire me on as a writer for the blog component of their Saturday AM site. I’m currently five months into my working relationship, and I must say that it was just the kind of opportunity I needed to get my foot,(no pun intended)in the door with the industry. Major shout outs to Frederick Jones, OD Whyt, Wally Nguyen, Mikhail Dingle, and Raymond Brown for making a writer’s dream come true.


In addition to the blogging, a most fortuitous of opportunities came across me. I was approached by a friend, (Raymond Brown of Bully Eater fame)who wanted to have his web comic revised for a big publishing push under the Satam moniker. I literally jumped at the chance to help out. I’m currently 5 releases deep into working as a co-writer for Bully Eater. It has been a tremendous experience thus far, and I’m enthused to say that I’ve been gaining much experience in the digital publishing realm. I have so much more to say, but I have to keep my mouth shut about the awesome things here to come in the near future. But definitely check out Ray Brown’s amazing work at: &


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