The cold embrace of the observable universe had been the only womb she had known for twenty years. Though time itself was an abstract concept to her, the mere formation of numbers something beyond her grasping. She had been in stasis from the time of her birth, and had a branch of specialists watching and guiding her every whim. Though she had never opened her eyes, she was a lauded and highly decorated veteran by the end of the Psychic wars. Only two weeks before the cease fire she had been able to wipe out a regiment of rather insistent Confederate deserters from an outcropping of area slated for annexation to the void . Her unwrinkled hands stained permanently red by the endless blood flow from her ever roving mind. She would have been content to sleep, but her mind had been heralded by a cry through the darkness. Something was drawing her attention, and attempting to turn her will towards it. At first the light of one dim star attracted her unfocused mind’s eye while she was in the deepest state of R.E.M sleep. The warmth of the approaching body was much like the faint warmth she’d felt when she’d emerged into the outside world, yet different. This drawing thing, harrowing toward her was different; there was a nagging edge to its call and a demand for her to come towards it. At first she had ignored it easily enough, the glow of that light was painful to her unaccustomed eyes. Yet the droning vibratory nature of that light shone on and wouldn’t stop, until it became attached to the voice. Faint, so very faint at first it had graced over long eyelashes and over closed eyelids. It came around her jawline and along the swan slender grace of her neck until it came up against the downy fringe of one ear to speak softly into it. The first true aural sound she had experienced, that lovely title she had no recollection of belonging to her.

Saira, the sound causing the tingle of vibration to be carried upon wavelengths toward her mind, causing that ever roaming force to relax and retreat back towards the source. Addressing that being again and again, pleading and calling her to recognize herself until two pale, heart shaped lips moved silently to express her given name: Saira. There was a pregnant pause in the lab as machines hard wired to her vital signs chimed to life. Long lax attendants were roused to the fact that she was starting to show signs of cognizant life. There was fear behind the realization. A move to raise the alarm was stopped as a man found himself unable to control his lips, she could sense his discomfort at the slight tingling in his fingertips. Then came the lack of control that shot spasms through his circulatory system and found itself in his legs. She pinpointed a memory node within the man that recalled that he’d read about this before. The extreme altitude sickness, but he should have been accustomed to this floating rig by now. That was how she found out that she was being held captive, and within a cabin flooded with water. This angered her, and so in her anger she placed pressure upon the man’s mind, draining blood from his face and extremities. In another instant his vision was stained red as blood oozed like sweat from his pores, his ears producing two dark, thick rivulets onto the stiff white color of his uniform. Dropping no sinking to the floor, he was joined in short succession by all of those whom had been charged to watch her on the ship aptly dubbed the Trojan Horse. A symphony of death was ringing in the air as the stewards dropped into eternal rest, faces upturned like so many sacrifices to the new, waking goddess. A second star had come to her on the thirteenth day and joined the cry of the first. The second star was harder to gauge then the first, its needs unknown to her, her devilish intellect unable to discern its motives like she had the first. Pristine hands rose as unchallenged joints moved fluidly to cup the warmth of this new light in her hands. It felt strange to the touch, yet something she needed for her very existence. On the thirty third day the wave of cryogenic fluid coupled with water that had sustained her rushed onto the floor, freed from the innermost compartment of her prison, she moved forward. Unhindered by locks or resistance, fresh eyes finally saw her surroundings. Turning her eyes towards a screen, she would control the machine easily enough, all was to bent towards her will regardless of the objective or program given. Grasping her destination, she focused her thought-there, that was the place she needed to go, the first star was calling her and she must heed its call, investigate its near obsession with her.

When the airship landed, unauthorized and without communique, there was a stir. The craft, obviously Military was to be investigated, though CUSP security forces were met with a door that opened as they raised the passkey. Seeping from the hold was a rush of near amniotic consistency, her sheer will having kept the bioorganic portions from decaying as they sailed without stall, now the smell of rapidly decaying stasis fluids and organic matter was so strong that many hardened men had become violently ill. Later, these subjects were to be tested and found to be containing the same strain of illness that had killed the attendants, and many individuals in the same maternity ward she’d been birthed in. Like radiation was the first contacts with this being, standing in full nude she turned her face slowly the face eternally youthful and almost innocent, yet the eyes mismatched by their complete and utter disregard for the sanctity of life. The officer who had addressed her with a timid, “Ma’am, are you alright?” Grasped his chest as he felt a wrenching in his sternum, his heart gave a lurch and exploded. Red eyes would turn back towards the front of vessel as they beheld the wide milling of human beings rushing over one another. The horrified gasps of the men behind her, only raised her ire, but she was feeling something utterly unknown to her. Real human fatigue, tiredness at the exertion on the crew and men already dropping around her, turning on the heels of her small feet she would move towards the onlookers who scattered to give her a wide path to walk. “You who mill about yourselves like so many ants, take heed.“

They took heed, the people around her did not understand what she was doing, even as she stood in the middle of a crowded metropolitan area. The thousand yard stare she gave seemed to pierce through reality itself. Her gaze fixated on nothing, on everything. A young woman came to her, blonde and frail. Her initial instinct, to wave a hand in front of this strange young woman. The woman’s hand split open like a fish being filleted. Blood spurted as two major arteries unleashed themselves onto the scene. She tried to cry out, Saira saw the expression of terror upon the woman’s face. But she could not help herself, all she saw was laughter. More, people came to greet her, she said hello to them in much the same way she had with the young woman. Before nautical twilight hit, an entire town was left dead where they stood. Saira wandered around, greeting stragglers with telekinetic knives of malevolent unseen energy that sliced through them like so much nothing. In putting down a stray dog that came to lick her hand, she noticed a light shining from a plaza. Surely there was no one left to meet and greet, yet she felt compelled to see what this light was. Her mind’s eye wandered towards the light. When her physical body came upon the balcony of the plaza where the light shown, another light caught her attention through periphery.
“It is so warm here,” she caught herself mumbling. She felt as if her head were clearing. She felt as if she had the time to fully process her surroundings that surely, this life would be nothing more than a strange dream. The mo-hawked man; the handsome raven haired man with the tan skin, and even the little boy who had eyes like her. These things were not of this reality. Yet there were signs. Things she could not quantify. It was in the discovery of her own personal reality that the ray of yellow light she saw, its heat suddenly came to react to her. She tried to grasp it with her mind. Tried, to heft the beautiful light and its weight. No matter that there were two now. At her reaction she believed that the light regressed, that it had become smaller on account of her involvement to understand it. ” You don’t understand, if i can grasp you, I know that this will all be real,” she said to it, calling out to it in a subdued, almost childlike voice.

” But it is real, as real as you or I.” said someone, from behind the light, and in lieu of her current situation, she found that her fascination with the light proved to be an error on her part. The light in front of her pulsed once, twice in quick succession, strobing and hurting her eyes that up until half a day ago had never truly been outside, and then something hit her in the chest. It struck her from the front, and she had no way of understanding it. No way at all. But she believed she had been tricked. She flew through the air and smashed into a table that spilled her from the third floor of the plaza to the second floor where she lay there for a moment. There from her disadvantageous position, lying upon the cold blood stained floor she looked up, to see a man whose hands were shining gold with coronas.

He was dressed in a suit, from beneath his horn rimmed shades did his eyes burn with molten yellow, those almost white embers seemed to look right through her. He stood there upon his perch peering down at her like a bird of prey, his intent almost physical in its malleability; and she, she realized something about this situation, it hit her harder than any physical threat she could ever encounter. She was stronger than most people, and not just women but men too. She had always known about her strange abilities, but this was something different. This was the first time she was facing someone similar to her. Someone, something with skills similar to her own.

It seems that with her idle thought the golden man took the opportunity to dart. He moved swiftly, strafing like a tank with two cannons, torso shifting to allow both arms, to piston back to forth; he was a moving ball of light, he could be seen from the moon, and when she saw them, those hands to explode with energy glowing, he could not be stopped. Or rather the act of such could not be. The energy cleared the air between him, and herself. He may have stutter skipped a step to allow his balance to shift. She could not tell, she was busy evading the beams of yellow energy. Over her head she pushed her hands against the cement, with crimson parts that were equal parts wet, and coagulating. She pushed up using upper body strength, the muscles flexing in her biceps when they extended. She was in the air, vaulting, to the side at a strange angle. It was just enough so that the beams thrashed where she used to be rather than where she was.

She was going to answer back, but soon realized that she was fatigued from prolonged use of her telekinesis. A groan from the pit of her stomach rumbled loudly, strongly, and as if it were going to manifest in physical form. The aching shot throughout her body, it slowed her, she needed to end the skirmish quickly before it turned into a protracted battle. Then from out the corner of her eye, movement from the left side, she tilted her head to see what she’d been tracking, and someone’s large fist came to greet her. She was able to erect an barrier of telekinetic energy that shielded her from the punch. The amount of force from her new quarry taxed her body to new levels of lowness, she could not see who had attacked as the energy from her barrier masked the very nature of her second opponent. Quickly this new person’s fist pulled back and the energy popped and poofed to show just who or what was attacking her. This man was different from the golden one. He was large, heavily scarred on the facial structure, a messy mo-hawk distinguished him along with the sheer size of him. She could easily tell that he was at least 2-3 feet taller than her. He too was in a suit, same as the other.
She saw him draw back, to retract and extend the same limb in a thrusting motion. The two big knuckles of the forefist drove into her telekinetic field, off the man’s strength alone, and then something occurred. The big man collapsed the energy field around his punch and was able to physically reach her. She felt his strong arms grab her by the lapel of her shirt, lifting her off the ground like a weightless thing, choking her. She tried to squirm to fight back but felt herself losing consciousness, the man struck her in the stomach, just below the solar plexus, she expelled the air from her diaphragm and then fell limp in his arms. The last thing she remembered, was lying in a pool of blood she spilled.

About Ousia
Ymir Cruz used to be a member of an elite group of soldiers tasked with defending the Western realm of CUSP from paranormal threats. But when a Coup takes the life of the country’s monarch, a man hunt ensues. Wanted dead or alive Ymir leaves to uncover the only truth he has ever known. What follows is a series of events that could very well unravel the very fabric of reality. Will he be strong enough to discern what’s artificial and what is real?

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