The growing stream of information technology making its way through the hemisphere allowed for great social change to take place. With said social change came the advent of eccentricity, the materialization of sub-cultures that in their entirety were pre-disposed to have a complete disdain for armed conflict. Yet when the time came for voices to make their intention known they showed their banners and sounded their drums to the beat of sustained conflict. This war was a piece of history that had been woven into the fabric of their country and its fibers from a time when they were still being colonized by the mother nation to at which end they eventually gained their independence from. The seeds of inevitable destruction were sewn as houses vying for control were treated solely based on caste system alone and not based off the merit and or exploits accomplished during their fight for independence. It became a system that helped the needs of the few and not of the many.

This down trodden many were a people that formed a group of scorned. As the times changed and its secret officials shot for positions of far reaching authority and well, the strength of this organization only grew larger and more competitive with CUSP until one day a major discovery of technology was found 2000 miles off the Pac sea that would alter the way that up until now the major players of this conflict could play the game.
The technology found was that of the ancient civilization known to by scholars and theologians as the Seraphim. It seems that hidden within the technology was a means to study and reverse engineer it. The world’s best scientists were called forth to study it. With CUSP leading the vanguard, it took two whole life times for the world to begin reaping benefits of what was to be found in hidden in the stone. The creation of a underwater sea port was seen thus ushering the modern age of this planet.
-Simon The Vagabond: Collected Works of The Journey

About Ousia
Ymir Cruz used to be a member of an elite group of soldiers tasked with defending the Western realm of CUSP from paranormal threats. But when a Coup takes the life of the country’s monarch, a man hunt ensues. Wanted dead or alive Ymir leaves to uncover the only truth he has ever known. What follows is a series of events that could very well unravel the very fabric of reality. Will he be strong enough to discern what’s artificial and what is real?

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