It barrel rolled under the cyclically fired bullets, the Sonambulos was a formidable creature even domesticated. As Jambi recalled some hunters who were searching for the almost mythological beasts. They’re voices were ringing in his head even now, “Run very far away,” but he was sure it was the repeating of the weapons on the White Seal.

Running wasn’t an option he could afford at this point. He spared a glance to the rest of the crew manning the large mounted machine guns. There were two still operational, but alternating in fire to conserve ammunition they had left. Brass rained down to the void below, they were in
the middle of nowhere, not even the multi-colored buoys were present to mark the White Seals route.

No one actually knew how many Sonambulos existed, but biologists and scientists both worlds over could concur that where there was one, more than likely there was a meaner and often times larger one. The sonambulos once they find their mate among potential prospects mate for life and can often attack port towns out in the void. This was also something he remembered from the conversation in passing with the hunters. But by the time he realized it, there was an angry roar and an explosion from the aft of the large freighter. The whole vessel rocked under the pressure.
Search lights shining on the first Sonambulos illuminated everything in gruesome detail. The teeth dripping with saliva, the head adorned with massive horns. Its hide an off white that spoke volumes of the countless battles it may have had. It was a predator, and a damn good one. Many a Black faring pirate could have fallen victim to its cavernous jaws, or cleaved in half by its razor sharp claws. Even now blood and gore from several poor fools covered the monster. its wings beating rhythmically to buffet it aloft.
It was not a deeply hidden secret that they were getting annihilated. The bodies of the crew were piling, the Captain, marginally losing command and control of his ship. They were scattered all about the ship, putting out fires, collecting the injured and or running around hysterical to the whole thing.

Selkies an old warhorse from the 50 year psychic war was meticulous in his troop placement. even now standing at the helm of the severely wounded vessel, the crew still under his control rallied around like a conductor to a symphony. ” Re-arm the cannons, target acquisition and radar report,” he bellowed. The radar staff brought forth the projected numbers from the first Sonambulos as well as the emergence of the second.
just then a runner came barreling into the cabin. ” Sir, sir!”

“yes what is it?”

“Sir there are reports of a man holding his own with the Sonambulos, he appears to be using sorcery.”
sorcery you say?” He thought on this for a moment, it couldn’t be. An as it was the captain moved outside the helm and hurried down the corridor that led to a detour where debris piled up on a staircase, vaulting over and landing on the other side the captain caught a glimpse of the man in question.

jambi’s back bristled with tension as he lifted a huge sail post that which at a certain point stood erect until the Sonambulos tail thrusted against it. As Jambi took a deep breath, he also exerted himself, expelling air through the diapgrahm up through his mouth and in one singular moment. A corona of energy surrounded his body, the veins in within his musculature system pulsing with fire, and as the Sonambulos came down with mouth agape to finish them all off. Jambi smashed the large piece of wood against its head, stunning it so much that it dropped in elevation considerably. The creature cried out loudly, Jambi readied himself for the other Sonambulos to attack as well, but when it dove down into the darkness a part of was grateful.

” To whom do i owe the thanks,” said the Captain, he walked up to Jambi, he was visibly shook by the violence the Sonambulos created in less than thirty minutes of combat but he was more astounded that the majority of them survived.

” No one., Im just a man.” he tried to remain unobtrusive, somehow even after exposing himself in front of everyone, he was consistant.

“Surely you jest, a man wielding your type of sorcery is no ordinary man… overworlder.”

Jambi cut the Captain a hard look,he knew, that much was obvious.

“Don’t worry lad, your secret is safe with me. Call it even, after the way you handled that Sonambulo. Id rather have you on my side as an ally than an enemy.”
The big man relaxed, the heated air around his form cooling, it was as if someone flipped the safety on aa living weapon.

” Come let us discuss this further away from prying eyes and ears.”
Inside the captain’s office there was no hesitation to get down to business as the old man came right out with what he was thinking, ” You’re on the run from the Imperium authorities am i right?”

“that’s right,”

“By the looks of you, Im gathering that you served the former emperor,”

“Also correct”

“So tell me, did you kill him?”

“Negative, i was framed, people from my group were also framed” he said in a resounded sigh.

“The political upheavals of the over world mean nothing down here, surely understand this concept?” The captain pulled out a 5th of Brandy, and two glasses, poured the liquid in the bottle and assuredly offered to Jambi.
he took the glass and gulped down its contents, ” Coming from the otherside Id think it best to be and stay abreast of everything. ”

“Your resolve is admirable, you already know my name but i would like to have the honor of knowing yours”

“Jambi Berecroux former agent and retainer to the throne.”

“I have heard of you Jambi, tales of your heroism re told throughout the lands. Even all the way out here in the floating darkness. ”

” The White Seal, I have also heard of you. You were a major player in the psychic wars… a smuggler right?”

“Indeed the white seal may not be the fastest of the prettiest ship but this ol gal has seen her fair share of scraps. One time she even me through an imperial blockade. Broke through safely prolonged the war by the several years i believe.” he said nonchalantly, and then took a sip of his brandy. ” This stuff here is from the imperium. Always thoigh they made the best alcohol” He trailed off into, and his face hardened for a single moment if jambe wasn’t able to distinguish why the old man could possibly be a captain, then now he could. There was afire in his eyes, ” why are you so far away from home lad, dontcha know your fight is in the opposite direction?”

“Heh what maakes you think that I want tht fight,” he continued
Old man Selkies of the White Seal rubbed at the luxurious beard hanging from the lower lhald of his, and then he grinned a gold toothed grin tried and true bred hustler and smuggler.

“My ship, its man and resources are yours should you deem it necessary Hammer First.

“Hrm? Well how about another round then, what do ya say,” Jamve told the captain the tale of how it came to be that he found himself here in the middle of the dark.

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Ymir Cruz used to be a member of an elite group of soldiers tasked with defending the Western realm of CUSP from paranormal threats. But when a Coup takes the life of the country’s monarch, a man hunt ensues. Wanted dead or alive Ymir leaves to uncover the only truth he has ever known. What follows is a series of events that could very well unravel the very fabric of reality. Will he be strong enough to discern what’s artificial and what is real?

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