X-Men Apocalypse’s Possible Fiasco

The Internet explodes on a daily basis for various reasons that I don’t necessarily care to mention. Ad nauseam because of the craziness on my various social media feeds like: race baiting, cops killing black kids, hunters killing lions, people pissed off because of it etc etc. The Internet has become a generally unsafe environment for my creativity. And sure, the X-Men: Apocalypse costume unveiling wasn’t nearly the most heart breaking news piece to come out in the past couple of months, but you know what? It was heart breaking for the X-Men fandom.

Comic book fans are some of the worst troglodytes to surface from the bowels of the Internet with their misgivings about ____*insert subject here*____. I know this because I’m one of them.

That being said, I know when to pick my battles. Apocalypse’s costume has sparked a wait and see approach. But I can certainly understand the radical approach in arm chair social media activism.

For instance here’s the actress playing Storm.


This has no real relevance on Apocalypse, or literally my opinion about anything. I just felt like showcasing a babe in my article.

Doesn’t she look nice?

Now here’s Psylocke


Pretty Hot and Tempting right?

Now here’s all of them in costume with Apocalypse.


What’s wrong? Only everything with En Sabah Nur right?

Let’s look to some of my trusted correspondents in Twitter land for a gripping point of view on the matter.



Sad, truly.

But not all is lost. Just today X-Men fans were treated to some kick ass pics for Archangel. Gaze at his magnificence and post ironic hipster hairstyle.

Archangel hipster-fied

Archangel hipster-fied

More developments soon to come friends. Stay tuned.

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